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grow your own herbs & veggies!

Looking to add some flavor to your dinner this weekend?

Discover how easy it is to grow your own fresh garden to table herbs and veggies at Down to Earth Garden Center! Harvest fresh herbs and veggies right outside your door. Fresh means lots of healthy nutrients for your family. Plus, Save money by growing your own! Start your garden journey at Down to Earth Garden Center.

6 Reasons to grow your own Herb & Veggies:

6 Reasons to
grow your own
Herb & Veggies:

1. Save on your grocery bill

With so much good produce, you’ll make fewer trips to the grocery store. You save not only on what you grow, but also on the impulse purchase you DON'T make. Saves gas, too!

2. Control What Goes In your Food

Another reason for growing your own is that you control what goes into your food. You can either be very strict in keeping your produce organic, or pre-approve any fertilizer and pest control that is used. The security of knowing how your food is grown, and what is used in the process can be reason enough to grow your own.

3. Freshness & Flavor

Produce found in the grocery store is typically picked half ripe, having an effect on its flavor. You won't have that problem when you can pick them straight from the source and put them in your dinner that night. 

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4. Garden for exercise

Gardening incorporates many important elements of accepted exercise regimes, such as stretching and stance, repetition and movement, and even resistance principles similar to those in weight training. On Average, gardening burns about 200 calories an hour!

5. It’s social.

You’ll have a bounty to share with friends and neighbors. You may also have a chance to introduce a person to how food plants grow. Also, there are gardening clubs of all sorts, and you’re sure to find plenty of like-minded people who love growing herbs & veggies!

6. It’s fun & rewarding

Let’s face it...growing our own delicious herbs & veggies is just plain fun! We get to: control what goes in our food, save money and enjoy the beautiful outdoors - all while gaining the benefit of healthy exercise. What could be more fun and rewarding?!

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what to grow?

Now that you've decided to start growing your own produce, you may be overwhelmed with all the veggie options out there. For beginners, we recommend starting with herbs--"the gateway plant to gardening." Look at your lifestyle and decided which herbs you use the most before you start buying them all. Rosemary, thyme, parsley, and basil are common choices. Fresh herbs are great in any dish and are perfect for enlivening take-out food and frozen dinners.

Homegrown tomatoes are another great choice because of their exceptional flavor. They can sometimes be a bit temperamental, so beginners should start with cherry tomatoes. Zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and lettuce are also good additions to your vegetable garden. But remember to only plant the vegetables that you use frequently. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew.

Visit Down to Earth for all of your veggie and herb gardening needs. We have everything from seeds to soil to plants!